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F1/Cart, was F40 on freeway, was A8

Senna, Schumacher and Hill raced CART?  Other drivers (OTTOMH) who have
raced both series were (current drivers):

Eddie Cheever
Jaques Vill.
Nigel Mansell
Michael Andretti
Alex Zanardi
Juan Pablo Montoya
JJ Lehto

I think Michael's problem was the lack of practice time.  He was seeing the
track for virtually the first time at speed running the race.  Not the most
helpful educational experience.  Jaques and Nigel show how competitive both
the series are and how much the car really does matter.  The cars are
really close in performance and both have very narrow bands for that

If we go back further in time, we'll run into a lot more.  Emerson
Fittipaldi is one that springs to mind.  Mario Andretti is another . I can
remember him starting from the back row at Indy because he was in Europe
and someone else qualified his car.  But then 20 years ago most people
raced everything they could.  I can remember AJ Foyt winning a doubleheader
at the Michigan International Speeday - an Indy car and stock car
doubleheader.  He ran in just about anything he could fit into....

At 09:09 AM 10/29/1998 ,  Phil Payne was inspired to say:
>  > Those who follow "big-league" open wheel racing know what generally
>  > when a CART driver goes to F1. Canadian drivers being the notable
>  > exception,of course...:)
>  I don't think Senna, Schumacher or Hill were/are Canadian.

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