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Re: Turbos and IC's

Best way to clean the intercooler I've found is to use a throttle body
cleaner or intake cleaner.  Spray a lot into one end of the intercooler.
Next take 2 plastic bags (ziplock) and hold them over the openings.  This
way you can shake your intercooler, working the cleaner into all the
grease and oil without making a big mess.  Repeat with soap and water.
Repeat with water. Flush with water. I do this once a year on my turbo
cars.  Clean all the rubber intake hoses while your at it.  

One day I would like to install a catch can in the hose from the crankcase
breather to the intake track just to try and catch all the oil and prevent
it from coating the intake.

Note:  Aluminum conducts heat much better than oil does.  This improves
the efficiency of your intercooler.

	89 200TQ
	86 5000CSTQ