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Lubing the driveshaft

Hi everyone,

I recently found out that the driveshaft is supposed to be lubed regularly.
Most of you are probably saying "DUH!"

I'm hoping I'm not the only person on the list that wasn't aware of this and
I'll be helping someone out there that also had no idea it needed to be lubed.
I have put over 30k miles on my car since I've owned it and never was aware of
such service being needed.
I've even asked mechanics whether the driveshaft needs lubing and they told me
"no." My guess is there must be other people out there that aren't lubing
their driveshafts and they are the people who are keeping the driveshaft
resellers in business.

Here's the deal for my '88 5000CS turbo quattro supposed to be done according
to the Bentley every 9300 miles (so that probably means sooner is better)
I had Redline synthetic lube injected in there.
I got it from Eddie at Wolfsport 800-342-8669 he calls it "the love lube."
I guess if you love your car you should get this stuff.

Moral of the story if I hadn't bought the Bentley I would never have known
till I bought a new driveshaft. So go out and buy a Bentley and lube your
driveshaft before it's too late.

Anyone out there with BTDT'S regarding lubing the driveshaft and not lubing
the driveshaft.

Howard Dinits
'88 5000CS quattro Nautical Blue
'86 4000 quattro Zermatt Silver

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Robert Bentley, Wolfsport, or Redline
this is just what I used.