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RE: The centre support bearing for a type-44 quattro found

Igor said;

> Also, Rod from TPC e-mailed me a few days ago:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> By the way, were you serious about those Mercedes numbers? Nathan 
> Belo was talking to me and mentioned you coming up with those numbers 
> on the Q-List.
> Your cost for the pair of numbers is about $ 25.00.
> (We have the number 123 410 10 81A, which is both support and 
> bearing).
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> I haven't seen the 123 410 10 81A that Rod suggested but I am pretty
> sure that he's correct. 
That's the part we have.  The whole taco (support and bearing).  On Frank's
DS it appears the rubber in the center support is bad as well as the
bearing.  We were thinking of cutting off the ears of the old one and
welding them to the new one, assuming the diameter's of both center supports
are compatible.  If this works, I'll let you guys know.  

> In this case $25 plus 10 min of welding seem
> like a bargain to me. 
I agree.  However, have you ever seen me weld?    :-)
Thanks Again Igor.  I think we are definitely on the right track.  I will
post copious direction for a fix as soon as we get one.  Also thanks to
everyone involved in project Driveshaft (Frank Bauer, Mike Rooney, Igor
Kessel, Marty Liggins, Avi Meron)

Gary Lewis 
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