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Winter tires

I find myself in need of getting winter tires, and I'm a little bit stumped
about what I should do.

I'm pretty sure I want to get Blizzaks, but I've heard that the new model
isn't as effective as the old model (pretty sure I heard it on this list).
Anyone know of any testing, or having used both, that can tell me what they
think of the new model (MZ-02) vs. the old model (WT-15)?

Also, has anyone heard anything (good or bad) about the new Michelin Arctic
Alpine tires (I think the model is 97Q, but I'm not sure)?  The local tire
place says that the tests that they've seen show that it's a better tire
than the Blizzaks, and the price is identical.

I live in lower Michigan (winter driving is mostly slush, light snow, and
ice; not usually excessive amounts of snow, though it's possible).  Studding
is illegal here.

Thanks in advance!

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