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driving onto moving object (no Audi content)

I saw the commercial too (same show - BAB-5), but I was watching the
airplane - a raggedy old tired C-124. (Also seen in Air America and in
Con-Air with Nick Cage.)

Guy here in town had a few of them, leased/lent/ortherwise provided some to
the CIA, one was shot down by Contras in Nicaragua, one guy survived
(Klingenfelter or something, from Wisconsin) and made the world news as
proof positive of the capitalist gringo exploiters interfering in our
sovereign glorious revolution. CIA and local connection sort of hushed up -
owner was quoted as saying "Oh, I sold *that* airplane YEARS ago . . ."
(then why was it still registered to you?).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch and a few years later, the owner landed his
F-4-U Corsair upside-down, killing himself in the process.

I went to the (amazing!) auction of all his "stuff" - among many other
things, the rebuilt Corsair, a pair of BMW-003 jet engines from an ME-262,
a horrendously nasty looking B-25 which was so decrepit that one feared to
stand under the wing - and a "parts plane" for it which was even worse!

Scariest thing there was a T-33 (two seat Korean war vintage jet) - I
looked at the logbooks for this forty year old jet airplane - the total
number of pages for the airframe and engine logs was TWO - since 1950 - and
they said "I certify this airframe (engine) to be in airworthy condition"
followed by an illegible signature. No previous logbooks available. Period.

At least when we buy an Audi, there is SOMETIMES a service history! And no
Audi I've seen yet would go 550 MPH.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman