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steering pump rebuild

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this.  I'm in the midst of replacing my hydraulic system.  The worst is over, the rebuilt rack from Jorgen is in.  Had to do the hard part first because of the impending cold weather here in Winnipeg.  Did it SLOWLY over two days to avoid losing my mind.  Anyway, I am having enourmous difficulty getting the pump apart.  I bought an impact driver and a drag link socket, and have been unable to remove any of the x caps.  Does anyone have any tips?  The pump was held securely in a vise, but no luck.  I even took it to my mechanic (until I started attempting this stuff myself) but he didn't have any luck...or maybe he just wanted to sell me another pump.

In any case, if I can't take this one apart I'll have to buy a rebuilt one, and that would really bite.  I've already spent $70 cdn on the rebuild kit and tools, so I'd like to get this done.  However, anyone have a recommendation for a source for a rebuilt pump.  Jorgen has them, and I was very pleased with their service when I bought the rack ($160 us quattro list price) but if there are other options, I'd appreciate an e-mail.

Sorry for the ramble, but my car has been out of commission for a few weeks now, so I'd like to get this done soon.


Jeff Mruss
'84 5KS