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Re: 5ktq...batt keeps dying!

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

> If you're going to increase the 'interior' load on the battery significantly,
> one option is the BR Motorsport (or an equivalent) headlight wiring
> harness.  This takes the headlight load - which can be considerable -
> off the cabling to the battery and supplies the lights directly from
> the alternator.  It gives you up to an extra 30 amps capacity in the
> battery cables.

	Phil, I already have my headlight wired to the alternator with my
own home made Relayed 10ga harness.  Seems to work well for me.  I dont
think it is a big deal for most 4kq ownder since battery is in engine
comp. and they can go straight to batt but I moved mine to trunk for
weight dist. (and put AC in the Garage for weigh loss) so I didn't want to
tax the 15 ft run of 0ga cable.  I went straight to Alt.  
	If I add more driving lights when I rally though, I think I will
wire them to Battery post for fear of taxing Alternator.  What do you
think.  I currently have 4x100 watts which is about 30 amps.  Another 200
- 400 watts would really cut into the Alternators output to battery!
Should I still run to Alt, run to Battery post, or give lights their own
4ga run of cable to the battery?  
	Dont know how this turned into a lighting discussion but you seem
to have a good lighting system and lots of experience but ANYONE I will
accept responses from.