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Audi withdrawals...


In the dark recesses of my mind, I've been somewhat 

I have been driving my '94 Saturn SL2 around ever since 
I wrecked my '86 Coupe GT, which was my daily driver until 

While I like appreciate the stealthy, John Q. Citizen-ness 
of the "American Plastic Car", and it's probably best for 
my driving record/insurance rates since it doesn't encourage 
racing around, I have been craving the Audi-ness that I've 
been missing (of course).

I also that the car I'm driving is pretty simple as 
far as the maintenance goes.  I can just get in and drive 
this car without having to think about my list of fixes and 
improvements I need/want to make.

But I miss my Audi!

So, every morning as I drive to work, I have this little 
internal struggle with myself, about wanting to get into 
something with some character, namely an Audi.  Perhaps 
something less flashy than a Red Coupe GT with fairly loud 
exhaust.  Like a 5ktq or something.  But then maybe a 5ktq 
is too "family man" for me.  But maybe not...  (I still 
equate cars of that size with someone older than I feel, 
I mean, it's like the size of a... well, a medium size 
American car I guess...)

I am making payments on the Saturn, and I think I may as 
well be paying for something I like, but I don't want to 
get into the nickel and dime situation _on my transpo car_.

I don't mind the repairs and tweaks and stuff (in fact I 
like them, in a sick way) that 10 year old Audis require, 
but only when I don't _have_ to drive the car every day. 

I guess I should just use the 4ks(someday t)q project be 
my outlet for my Audi obsession, and leave the commuting 
to my utility appliance.

I dunno.  Why can't I find that afforable '96 A4 1.8tqm?
There's so many automatics and front drivers, and 12 valve 
sixes...  why can't there be more used turbo quattros?!

If I trade my SL2 in for an '87 5kcstq, am I gonna feel 
stupid when I have to replace the bomb and rack, and 
track down vacuum leaks, and blah, blah, blah...?

I feel like these cravings are totally impractical.  It's 
like wanting an ur-q, if you know what I mean.  It's so 
much more than just a car.  It's a way of life.  Whether 
you drive it alot or not, it sucks your pocketbook and 
attention, and "fills the need" <extends arm and slaps 
inside elbow with back of other hand>.

Aw, man, I'm just having withdrawals...

I need a cherry picker...



p.s.  Since I'm rambling:  What the heck is alancantara?!