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re:greatest car movies

1. The Roadrunner - (I think that was the title) I remember seeing this
movie on TV at my grandmother's house. She would always let me stay up late
when I came to visit, and I would always try to catch the late movie on
channel 9 in NY. This movie was really ahead of its time. It's about a car
thief who had a remote "black box" which they could use to unlock and start
cars...in order to steal them! The policeman is played by Jo Don Baker, and
there are some great chases. One I remember involves a Jensen Interceptor.
Forgive me if this account is a little fuzzy, it was probably at least 15
years since I saw this movie! Now all that's on at night are infomercials
and the Psychic Fiends Network!

2. The Driver - Forget who was in this one, but it was a book written by
Clyde B. Phillips. It's about a get-away driver, and it features two
memorable scenes. The best involves the Driver destroying a Mercedes
("owned" by an amateurish gang that wants the driver to work with them) in
an indoor parking garage by selectively crashing the car against various
pillars and other immovable objects, all to prove a point. The other great
scene is at the end, and it involves a high speed game of chicken in a
Formula Firebird.

Audi Content? I'm still waiting for my Bosch Euro lenses from Metrix for my
H-4 equipped '95 90 QS. I'll post on the difference when they arrive. At
about $40 for a pair, it could be a really great, and cheap, upgrade for
those with the replaceable lens (but crappy DOT pattern, especially on low
beam) Bosch lights.

Rich Salz
1995 90 Quattro Sport
VT Plate "24TRACK"