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S6 Brake Light

Hi Everyone,
    I have been a lurker on this list for a while and I recently
replaced my 84 4000Q (which I had for 12 years and loved) with a 95.5
S6 which has been a total delight except for one nagging problem.
When I got the S6  early in the summer the brake light (which checks
pressures as well as fluid levels in this model) would stay on for
about 25 to 30 seconds when started up first thing in the morning.  If
I restarted the car after about an hour it would stay on for about 5
seconds, but if I let the car sit for 3 hours or so it would again
stay on for about 20 to 25 seconds.  I checked with a friend who had
purchased his S6 brand new and he said that originally his brake light
had stayed on for only a few seconds and that the interval had then
increased to about the same as mine and he went to the local dealer in
Albany,NY (who shall remain nameless) and they replaced the
accumulator under warrantee which solved his problem only partially
and briefly and it was now the same of mine.  I called AoA and they
returned the call and said I should take the car to the dealer as the
times were too long (in July) and the dealer replaced the accumulator
under warrantee (expires 3/99) which really didn't help much.  I
called AoA again in September and they told me the same thing and I
took it back to the dealer (only one within 50 miles) and went over
the whole story with them and they replaced the accumulator again!!
which didn't change anything (don't they even check before and
after?).  I waited a few weeks in disgust and called Audi's help
number again and after a week's "research" time they called me back
and this time said it was normal for the light to stay on for 25
seconds after an overnight or even a3 hour bleed down time.  I pointed
out that these same warning light times had resulted in 2 new
accumulators at their expense and they just shrugged it off.  What do
you all think and what should I do now? Is this normal?  TIA and
thanks for reading this long post and this is a great list
Larry Eisenberg
95.5 Black S6 34K (I love it)