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inexpensive 4kq rear caliper

The e-brake on my 85 4kq is stuck, a problem that appears to be typical,
especially on older, northern (salty roads) cars. After looking around and
talking to a couple of listers it sounded like a rebuilt right rear caliper
would cost approx. $100-120 + core. I decided to try Advance for grins..... 
$60 + core! Couldn't believe this part would be this much cheaper than from
other sources. When I asked the guy behind the counter how it could be so
much cheaper he responded that "they sell a lot of them;" had the part the
next day - I have no great affinity for any chain parts store, but thought
this info may help others needing a caliper now or in the near future.

Virginia Tech
Department of Forestry  
216B Cheatham Hall (0324)    
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061