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Re: The centre support bearing for a type-44 quattro found

Hit www.ebay.com and do a search on mitutoyo or digimatic.  I picked up a
brand new in the box mitu digital caliper for $70.  I foget which model #
it was but it listed for $280.  Works great.  Also scored a like new Mitu
digimatic 0-1" mic for $50 or so...

In message <3639C7FB.4778870@worldnet.att.net> ikessel@worldnet.att.net writes:
> I've already done the homework for you guys a few mos ago, when I was
> looking for an inexpensive digital caliper for Mike Zamikhovsky:
> Imparts has one, for about 70 bux. All metal construction, 2nd place
> after the decimal in Metric and 4th - in SAE. "ZERO" and "HOLD". Inside,
> outside and depth measure.
> Granted, Mitutoyo it is not, but it costs only 1/4 of its price also.
> For 70 bux it's a tremendous value.

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