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Re:Winter tires

Living at 7000' in Utah, i get plenty of experience driving in snow. My Blizzak experiences in my Ur-Q (195/60/15, 6" wheel) and the wife's 89 80q (195/60/14, stock wheel) vs my Yoko Guardex experience in my 91 200q (215/60/15, 7.5" wheel) are as follows: The cars shod with Blizzaks display *vastly* better snow and ice grip than the Yoko shod car. The Yokos are better in the dry, but since it *snows* here . . . The problem with this comparison is vehicle mass and tire size. I'd love to try the Yokos with smaller wheels, or at least in a narrower, taller size. But until I do, I must report a much more frightening experience with yokos.