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Re: F40 on freeway & Racing (Limited Audi Content)

On Fri, 30 Oct 1998 MSV96@aol.com wrote:

> How does Jean Alesi do as a "formidable driver"? Do you think of him as
> capable (Tyrell, Ferrari, and Benneton seemed to think so). For the record, he
> got beat in the F-40 IMSA GTO "race car" by our Hans Stuck in the 1989 IMSA
> GTO 90q "race car."

	Yea, but that wasn't fair.  He was in an Audi! :-) Heh, Heh.

> Now, we be friends and I take nothing away from Ferrari so don't get me wrong.
> In fact, I will be rooting hard for my favorite driver in the world in that
> red car Saturday night as he tries to win a world driver's championship. Just
> wanting to point out that even with equal drivers that there are many a match
> for the F-40 out there in that now defunct "super car" category.

	Point taken.  I do agree with this.  We were just talking about
the "Hard to drive" Factor and I was saying a bet the F-40 is harder to
drive than a Stock Sport Quattro at the limits.  THats how this all
started.  And someones comment that Ferrari's are stupid or something to
that effect.

>  For my money
> today? Panoz GT1 is the ticket. I was made a believer Saturday when that car
> was class of the field--IN THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way, said field
> included no less than three Ferrari 333-SPs which are a wee bit more than a
> match for *any* street Ferrari ever made. Even in the dry, the Panoz cars were
> blindingly fast, competitive with the WSC cars. 'Murican brute force and
> ignorance at it's best I will admit...but I was amazed.

	Uhh, Actually the info on the 333-SPs isn't quite correct.  THere
are 2 Ferrari Street cars in exestence that can out run it on the track.
Ferrare made 2.5 cars and then stopped production for some reason. It was
a Hard Top version of the F-50 with rear Competition Wing, susp, etc.  One
went to a Shiek in the Middle East and one "Supposedly" to a Rich Guy in
the Silicon Valley.  My guess is the 3rd (The .5?) was completed and kept
by Ferrari.   
	Anyhow, this car out lapped the Best track times of the 333 Sp
right out of the Box!  I believe this was at Fiorno and one other track.
Just giving you a Data Point.  
	Thats interesting about the Panoz.  It's an interesting car.  Nice
though.  I would love to drive one sometime.

> Hope all is well with you...and Go Schumacher and Go Ferrari!!!!

	I'm fine.  Thank You.

> Regards,
> Mike Veglia
> PS: In case you didn't get a reply, AFAIK the VC Hill Climb is 12 miles but I
> may be way off base. Michael Williams made it up there this year and got rides
> in teh Sport Q (and yes, I am still jealous and kicking myself for not tagging
> along! grrrr)

	I hope to go next year.  See you there?