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More Snow Tire Questions

I'm very disappointed that Consumer Reports didn't test some of the "hard core" 
snow tires that many in our community love so much.

Actually, from my experience with snow tires, I found their results to be 
fairly accurate... except their ratings for "overall" performance.  As was 
previously noted, the inconsistencies in the ratings allowed an all-season tire 
with lackluster snow performance to rank mid-pack in overall performance.  
That's not the kind of ranking I need!

On my UrQ, I am _extremely_ happy with a set of Eagle GW's I bought last year 
from a Q-lister.  Good wet and dry performance, excellent snow performance.  
I'm very sad Goodyear withdrew them from the US market... they were the _only_ 
Goodyear product I've ever been impressed with.  
Based on the CR test, I'm now considering the Michelin Artic Alpines for my 
wife's SAAB turbo.  Other considerations are the Pirelli 210 and the Nokians 
(H-1 or NRW).  While I'd lean more towards the high performance end for my UrQ, 
I may need to lean more towards better snow performance for the SAAB while 
still not settling for bad dry pavement performance.  The Alpines at first 
glance appear to fit that description and are _much_ cheaper than the 

The only comparison test I've been able to find covering these is in Swedish... 
and as an American I am arrogantly predisposed to a single language.  ;-)


It appears the Nokian and Gislaved took top honors. Can anyone compare the GW's 
and the Nokian? The NRW wasn't listed; is that a better GW comparison?

Any suggestions? Discussions of H1/H10 vs NRW? Translation of the above 
website? etc.

Size is 185/65/15... weather is upper midwest, state is "studless" Wisconsin... 
and if Audi only made a Quattro convertible, I wouldn't have to worry about it!

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI