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Re: Re: driving onto moving object

In a message dated 10/30/98, 2:06:01 PM, jmoritz@mail.med.und.nodak.edu
<<ha ha ha   ok I admit it I watched Knightrider....

But actually I remember the Smokey and the Bandit.  That TA looked really
squirrly coming out of the back of that Semi.

I'm going to try to find Gumball rally and Italian Job.....

>From all the responses... it looks as though doing this in a quattro is
out... could play serious hell on the center diff.... unless someone wants
to loan me theirs for testing =)
Also...  RWD seems to be the preferred choice.

more later

I Have always wondered what would happen if a car was doing 60 MPH or so and
then the wheels suddenly stooped (When thy hit the ramp) Seems like 60-0 in
less than a second would strip a differential or shear a torque
converter/flywheel since the engine is probably spinng about three grand and
then suddenly is slowed down to idle in than same fraction of a second..


Jon "Anyone got a spare semi-rig?" Moritz

Jon Moritz>>