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RE: re:greatest car movies

Jim said;

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> From: Rich <studio@bennington.edu>
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> >2. The Driver - Forget who was in this one, but it was a book written by
> >Clyde B. Phillips. It's about a get-away driver, and it features two
> >memorable scenes. The best involves the Driver destroying a Mercedes
> >("owned" by an amateurish gang that wants the driver to work with them)
> in
> >an indoor parking garage by selectively crashing the car against various
> >pillars and other immovable objects, all to prove a point. The other
> great
> >scene is at the end, and it involves a high speed game of chicken in a
> >Formula Firebird.
> Surprisingly enough - Ryan O'Neal.
I thought it was James Caan.