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Just hit one.

Driver's side headlight, chrome strips, front grille possibly, side marker 
light, and the hood has a huge dent in it and is now warped(and has deer 
fuzz all over it.)  On the good side, it needed to be repainted anyway.  On 
the bad side, there probably isn't a paint shop around that will match the 
Panther Black correctly.

As the cop said, "I've seen worse.  Much worse."

I was probably going less than 10 mph by the time I made contact with the 
deer; had been doing about 25.

He then said:
"Shouldn't be over a thousand bucks."

That was almost as insulting as "This is your parent's car, right?"

Talk about ways to end a 10am->12:30am workday :(

At least the lady who's house I was in front of was very nice.  She came 
out with a flashlight, helped me look around to see if the deer was still 
around(wasn't) and called the police at my request.

This means I'm definately out of the Sunday foliage tour.  One headlight is 
totally gone and aiming at a 45 degree angle. Not suitable for night 
driving.  I'm debating not driving the car at all.

<sigh>  Maybe one of Glen's pizza slices will cheer me up.

PS:I'm sooo happy the damn airbag didn't go off...

91 200q20v (a la Deer.)
Brett Dikeman
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