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Re: My turbo has been replaced

Check out p. 8 of this month's (Dec. 98) European Car.  The article by Ray
Thursby is about modifying engines in newer cars. He is generally of the
opinion that most newer engines are only designed to take the stress of
their original horsepower, no more. He went on to say he drove a 1.8T Audi
that was chipped and it felt like it was always on the verge of flying
apart. I would feel a bit hesitant about trying to gain 50 more hp out of
this engine without doing what Audi did on their TT motor (different
pistons, rods, rob bearings, turbo etc.).

Chris Woodward wrote:

> Believe it or not, my friendly dealership replaced my turbo this week
> under warranty.  Not a word was said about the TAP chip, so I'm not sure
> if they didn't know or just turned their heads.  The diagnosis was a
> defective wastegate, which I have heard was a problem with the earlier
> 1.8T's.  I'm kind of sad to not be in the 1999 Passat V6 loaner any
> more, though.  That tiptronic/V6 combo was loads of fun.
> In addition, they replaced my driver door window regulator after I
> complained of an odd noise as the window went down.  Hope that's the
> last of that as I will soon be out of warranty (In Jan.)
> Chris