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Dealers: Why do they always get such a bum rap?

We're conditioned.  And you only hear the negitives.  But I've got to say
I'm quite happy with Audi dealers, compared to Ford dealers.

I've had to use Audi dealers a LOT in the two years since I bought my car.
Once the mechanics get to know you (and all of them know me), the service
is great.  I can reccommend Barrier AND University in Seattle, and Sunset
Imports in Beaverton.  Not a bad experience with the Audi folk yet.  (Had a
bad experience at Barrier, but it was a Jaguar service manager taking over
for the Audi guy for a day.)

Even if it's at a premium, my next Audi will come from Barrier.  In my
experience, they're that good.

On the flip side, the PNW Audi group met at Red Hook (brewery) perhaps a
month ago.  Several attendees have older Audis (mine is an old '97, meaning
it was in the very first shipment of '97s).  Barrier won't touch their
older cars.  So, of course, they don't like Barrier.

BTW, here is a quick partial list of things that have gone wrong with my
A4Q in the two years-and-two-weeks that I've had it, over 23000 miles:
	Rattling door panel (took five tries to diagnose and fix among two dealers)
	Defective light switches
	Noisy lifters
	Broken valve-seal spring (required major engine work and a lot of
convincing to get them to realize something was wrong)
	Burnt out headlight (Guess what... nobody carries that bulb yet except
Audi.  But it is covered by warranty.)
	Cup holder spring
	Center console hinge broke off
	Leaking antifreeze
	Cruise control stopped working (due to repairs on valve-seal spring)
	Front right stereo speaker cut out at low volumes

I think that's it.  Nothing catastrophic, but quite a lot of annoyance.