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Re: Driver's Licences (was: Quotas(little or no Audi Content))

My driving test took less than 5 minutes--I started in the parking lot
of the driver's license building, drove about 100 feet down a 35mph road
to another parking lot, drove straight into a straight parking space,
backed up straight for 30-40ft, and passed.  
I still wonder how Atlanta has so many bad drivers, but I'm not sure

Ron Mruss wrote:
> I'm behind in my reading, so this post is about a week late, but I wholeheartedly agree with John about the ease with which people can secure a driver's licence.  I don't know what's involved with the driving tests in the various places other listers live, but here in Manitoba, the road test consists of twenty or so minutes of city driving, plus some parallel parking.  I have no idea how this ensures that you're able to drive on the highway, but that's all there is to it.  This might explain why there are so many terrible drivers around, loafing in the left lane on the highway, and either looking baffled or getting angry if you have the NERVE to flash your brights in their rear-view mirror to tell them to get into the right lane.
> [...]
> just my .02
> Jeff Mruss