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Re: Tranny Rebuild

Being a former bus owner and recovering air-cooled nut, I'll field this
question. The tranny will spin the same way, but the differential is
simply flipped to the other side, reversing the direction of the axles.
This is how Porsche used VW trannies in many of their mid engined cars. 

As for your predicament, for $1500 you could buy a whole parts car with a
good transmission, then sell most of the valuable parts you don't need
then junk it. The whole thing might net out.

On Sat, 31 Oct 1998 19:41:49 -0800 David Marshall
<quattro@volkswagen.org> writes:
>Beging a Vangon owner this brings up one very big question... wouldn't 
>Vanagon transmission have to spin backwards to work seeing how the 
>is a rear engined car?  
>At 04:31 11/1/98 -0700, apowell@ezlink.com wrote:
>>On rebuilding a 5K slush:
>>The tranny in your car is the same tranny as in the VW Vanagon.  
>>BTDT and a good tranny guy in cental TX did the rebuild.
>>The tranny is marginal for Audi use - not the best decision 
>>VW/Audi ever made.

Adam Nelson '85 4000S, Blaupunkt cassette, Starbucks go cup, '69 Beetle,
1 piece
windows, hand held fan, '91 Vanagon, KYB Gas a Just, bug screens.
Columbus, Ohio

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