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WTB '90 CQ, FS '87-4KQ

hi all, 

I went to see a '90 CQ today and fell in love.  Pearl white/blue 
interior, 106K miles, no accidents and most things work well.  Only 
concern is the temperature gauge was not responding.  Mechanic who 
maintained the car told me that it takes a while to get going.  I 
drove the car for 15 min and very slight movement. I look under the 
hood and no sign of overheating.  Timing belt changed at 85K, don't 
know how to check for Pentosin leak and could not get under car to 
look at bushing.  Mechanic also mentioned that clutch probably needs 
to be replaced in about 8K miles.  How much is clutch?  Also, the 
dash computer indicator center has the washer thing going but I don't 
know the reason.  I guess that it needs washer fluids.  Car is loaded 
and very clean.  Asking price is $6500.  The car is in central.  Any 
opinions or know of the car?  Previously owner name is Steve B.  Now, 
I need to sell the '874KQ fast.  Runs well, make me a reasonable 
offer so I can go buy the '90 CQ.  TIA