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Re: F1 drive of the year

Agreed.  Had to grin when he came over to the Shoe before the race to shake
hands.  Very classy.  Got to love those mind games. :)


> From: Jouko Haapanen <joukoh@vtoy.fi>
> Nice drive, yes.  Surprisingly he did not try to deliberately run anyone
off this time, or at least try to punch some one out...
> I'm very happy for Mika especially after his near-death Aussie experience
a few years ago.  Not to mention his nationality.
> Jouko Haapanen
> On Sunday, November 01, 1998 10:03 PM, Dave Aukerman
[SMTP:mhauk@ccsdana.net] wrote:
> > Hats off to the Shoe.  One of the most amazing drives of the year.  I
> > decided to go to bed after he chucked the tire, as I didn't want to
> > the moment.
> > 
> > Dave