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Re: '91 200Q: Oil "sweating" around crankcase breather hose connector

In article <363CC3FE.A1429B7F@pixar.com>, Arun Rao <rao@pixar.com>
>Anyone else seen this?  I was poking around under the hood, when I saw
>that there's some oil in the area where the crankcase breather hose
>connects to the block. (At least that's what I think it is: driver side,
>toward the firewall, pretty far down on the block but easily visible).
>It isn't very much, and I've noticed no drips or inordinate oil usage,
>but I thought I'd better be safe than sorry.
>Any pointers appreciated!

Assuming it's the same as my '91 100 2.0 Avant, the hose may well be
split. There was a thread recently about improvised repairs using
reducer inserts etc. as this is not a cheap hose.

Also, it's worth checking that the metal pipe to which this hose
connects, all the way to the air cleaner isn't blocked by crud -
especially the wire mesh therein. This may be contributing to the hose's


David Boyd
Cumbria, UK