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Re: starter

Mike wrote:
        so my question to the group is...what parts are available to
my starter? i'll pull it to pieces today and take a look. it appears
the drive pinion or the drive mechanism has seized to the shaft. i
replace the solenoid too. btw it has never before given any hint of
noise or
impending problems, and the car always started within a couple of

1. You're unlikely to find the solenoid - the rebuilders have cornered
the market. BTTriedT.
2. The starter is not worth rebuilding with the lifetime rebuilt one for
$110 from Pep Toys. They sell the OEM Bosch BTW.
3. Don't forget to refit the fibreglass/foil heat shield. If on your car
it has become unreusable, you can try my McGuiver approach. Get a
10x20cm piece of a fibreglass/foil household duct insulation from any
HVAC supply or even Home Depot for that matter. I just cut a piece of
insulation off the overhead duct in my basement - was too lazy to wait
two days to get the proper part from a dealer.
Secure it to the starter with a regular hose clamp.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros