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Re: greatest car movies

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Todd Young wrote:

:|Nope! You forget, it was filmed in Australia. The black car was a Holden
:|Monaro, and the yellow cars were Holden Toranos. Maybe we have a lister
:|or two from "down under" who can shed some light on the subject, and
:|correct me if I'm wrong.
:|Check out:

	oh excellent, i love the web! 

	so, are these cars based on any platforms that were
	released in america?

	i remember when i visited oz, i used most of my film 
	shooting motorcycles ;)

	audi content: i should get my car back from 2bennett
	in two weeks, and they should be able to tell me what
	it needs today.  x your fingers for me! :)

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