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Urq Stuff

Hello All

Had a fun Saturday, Replaced rear nearside wheel bearing (quite easy about
1.5hrs), Replaced front offside wheel bearing (absolute b*****d, 3hrs).
Replaced both front bottom ball joints & all front anti roll bar bushes.

Still have slight vibration from front end during heavy braking, I cant find
any play anywhere, Any Ideas?.

Need to get the Laser wheel alignment done all round. Any recommendations
where to go in the North of the UK.

I am looking to replace shocks x 4 & possibly springs x 4 after Dec 25th,
Should I hold off on the alignment until this has been done. Gone through a
set of Tyres (Pirelli & Yoko's) in 12,000m !.

Hope to upgrade Headlights within the next couple of weeks (sick of being
blinded by oncoming Ford Ka's)(and following Ford Ka's)

Also like Daryl, Gota stop the water getting in, Think I'll take the front
screen out for this one though.