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Darn, my camera!! ... and plastic window rails?

Damn! I started my new job today. Less than 4 hours after getting
there I went to my car to get something, only to discover the
entire rear passenger window had been smashed and my Canon EOS 500
was gone! Stupid me for leaving it under some clothing under the
back of the driver's seat. Hell knows how they saw it. This city
is really turning into crud with crime on the increase like you
wouldn't believe. Time to put the old aluminium baseball bat in the

Anyway, had the window replaced within an hour after the event. They
pulled the remnants out and showed me the bracket at the bottom of
the glass was rusted through. Nothing I could do right away so they
primed it and glued the window in. Does anyone make these things in
some form of plastic? Wouldn't plastic have been a better choice?
The engineers must've realised the potential for rust. Now I am going
to have to go around to all the doors and check what is about to fall
off. Anyone make a plastic replacement part of something that won't

Silly question probably, but to me it seems like a good idea to have
made those things from plastic. What do I know?

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