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Audi A4 lightweight body and S2 race cars

I'm in the process of checking prices and availability on a bunch of Audi 
Sport parts and complete race cars, and what do I bump into?  A lightweight 
A4 body-in-white, made by the factory for Audi sport, fully galvanized but 
apparently around 200kg lighter than standard.  Hmmm, anybody out there 
want to start a real project?  I did not bother to ask the price on it, but 
who knows, it might even be reasonable.  Any interest, let me know.

It seems the S2 group A (FIA) prices are still fairly hig, as the 
homologation does not run out for a couple of years.  There is a decent 
Group N S2 available which would be a good starting point for any type of 
competition vehicle.  Ditto on the interest.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland