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Re: Darn, my camera!! ... and plastic window rails?

Gerard wrote:

> Damn! I started my new job today. Less than 4 hours after getting
> there I went to my car to get something, only to discover the
> entire rear passenger window had been smashed and my Canon EOS 500
> was gone! Stupid me for leaving it under some clothing under the
> back of the driver's seat. Hell knows how they saw it. This city
> is really turning into crud with crime on the increase like you
> wouldn't believe. Time to put the old aluminium baseball bat in the
> trunk!

How would that have helped? He would have just stolen that too :(  And
what if you were in the car still? "Hang on a second, I have to get my
bat out of the trunk"


Sorry to hear about your misfortune... What city is it? Ill try to avoid