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Re: Euro harnesses(help urgently needed from listers)

>Mine are completely enclosed in black plastic with the 4 pin connector
>I'm going to go with option a), I really need these things
Option A is greatly appreciated by Todd, who's seriously bummed about 
having a zillion harnesses hanging around that are built the wrong way for 
our sealed units.

>I'll call Todd in the morning.
Email, according to Todd, is -greatly- preferred.  He also checks his email 
at night I think.  His email address is tcandey@wans.net

I'm going the same route, having my harness fedexed tomorrow morning to 
arrive wed(to replace my smashed US spec light a la deer friday night.)

>Not anyone's fault IMHO, stuff happens.
>I need to measure those connectors to see if some standard spade
>connectors will fit.
Don't trouble yourself.  I just tried a spade connector, and it worked like 
a charm.

Make sure you get nice spade connectors; they should be insulated(covered) 
and perferably the covering should be flexible.  Make sure they are the 
right gauge.

Brett Dikeman
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