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RE: Wheel Bearing Noise?

I've replaced wheel bearings in both the 83 and 87 coupes I had
(essentially 4000's).  It seems to be another weak point.  You can
usually make the sound increase and decrease on a highway when you
wiggle the car left to right.  When the bad bearing side gets more load
as the car leans side to side, you can quickly tell which side it is.
Sometimes you can also hear it when slowing down quickly if it is a
front bearing.  You say you have an '85 which would tell me the age and
probably the mileage are indicative of worn out wheel bearings based on
my experience.  And it is usually the left front wheel.  You tend to
make more high speed right hand turns in North America and thus increase
the wear on the left side bearings.  Again, my experience since it's
always been the left side to go first.

One thing to remember - don't buy the outrageously priced Audi wheel
bearings.  Any bearing supply house in most cities will have a cross
reference book which they can look up automotive applications in.  Just
call around and ask for the bearing based on make, model and year.
You'll find they are usually much cheaper.  And don't fall for the
original equipment BS either.  If the original equipment was so
superior, then why does it need to be replaced?  Hope you find the

'93 Audi 90CS
'91 Audi 90 Quattro 20V
'87 Audi Coupe GT
'83 Audi Coupe GT

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> Hi gang,
> Could anybody relate what sounds a bad wheel bearing makes?  I've got
> a
> humming sound thats just started and is coming from the front of my
> 4kq
> that I can't quite make out.  Doesn't seem to to be engine or
> transmission
> related.
> Thanks,
> -Tony
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