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Re: Wheel Bearing Noise?

I had both front wheel bearings go out on my 1990 200tq 10v this year.  the
first one was the passenger's side. it made a thumping noise like it was a
tire problem. the driver's side which i need to replace now makes a low
growling sound that is not in sinc with the wheel rotation.  However, i
noticed a slight tire wear problem (cupping) and when I jacked it up I heard
a clicking coming from the bearing area in the wheel.
Ron Frazier

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From: Tony Lum <tlum@flash.net>
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Date: Monday, November 02, 1998 6:26 PM
Subject: Wheel Bearing Noise?

Hi gang,

Could anybody relate what sounds a bad wheel bearing makes?  I've got a
humming sound thats just started and is coming from the front of my 4kq
that I can't quite make out.  Doesn't seem to to be engine or transmission



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