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RE: What type of Epoxy for the radiator neck repair???

When you proceed with this repair (which will increase the srength of the
filler tube substantially, make sure that your inside tube has a little play
between the radiator original tube, you have to leave some room for the
epoxy, in other words don't "jam" the inside tube into the filler neck.

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>Triston....Could you insert a support tube (of metal) inside the broken
neck, and use epoxy to fuse the support tube to the inner surface of the
neck? This would spread the stress across several square inches and would
provide a superior architecture for the repair. The metal tube could have
an elevated ridge around the circumference for the radiator hose to fit
over, giving it sufficient girth and a place for the clamp to press .  You
could use a course file to roughen the plastic radiator neck inner lumen,
and likewise roughen the outer surface of the metal tube, to give the epoxy
some bite.
>You might find the support tube material at an Ace Hardware, in the
plumbing department, or a Lowe's  or a Home Builder Depot. Measure the
radiator inner diameter carefully.
>I use SUPERMEND rapid epoxy putty, and buy it at my local Ace Hardware.
Yellow and white box of two plastic containers, each 2 ounces, total of 4
ounces after mixing.  Sets under water to an opaque white hard mass.
Secret to best result is to measure EXACT equal amounts, and mix three
times as long as you think necessary. Then apply and let it set up at room
temperature and cure for a day or two before introducing physical or
thermal stress.
>Just my suggestion....I fix everything with the stuff.
>Doyt Echelberger
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>At 05:41 AM 11/3/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>I am wondering if any of you out there has had luck with repairing the
>>"broken neck syndrome" on these radiators?
>>I recently had one go and was able to epoxy it together, but it failed
>>a few days later  at the repair site!!
>>I really dont want to buy a radiator at this time as there is enough neck
>>left to use it for short trips( Of course the wife wont drive it until
>>its "really" fixed )
>>Thanks for any advice!
>>Triston Harlington-- Seattle