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re: What's my dealer smoking?

Spiros wrote:
>I called my dealer asking for a quote on my 90 coupe's 150,000 service
>interval. He said he'll change all fluids, do inspection, change oil and
>filter... and it'll run me $1000...!!
>Am I missing something here gang?

Yes, you are missing a couple of things.  
First, this should make you feel very fortunate that nothing is broken.
This is the cost to keep your car happy.  Cost of being broken is <much<
Second...when car is broke you should feel great relief at the prospect of
new car payments.  Remember, this is a new car dealer.  They really want
you to buy a new car.  After you get a big wad of receipts for over $10,000
of repairs you get to try and sell the car.  

Keep in mind...Audi dealer "Service Advisors" work on a commission system.
At least this is my experience.  I don't know if they all work this way,
but some definitely do.
The dealer provides incentives for them to convince you to have high dollar
repairs done there.  They have no incentive to provide good service,
explain anything, worry about whether you will come back next time, or help
you keep an older car on the road.  

The story someone told recently where the dealer wanted $2500 to replace
seals in a leaking transmission is typical.  The owner later found he could
solve the problem without pulling the tranny and only had to replace two
gaskets.  In my experience this was probably >not< ignorance on the part of
the service advisor.  Also, in my experience, if they found this "worst
case" quote wasn't called for you would not have been told.

Local dealer here does not offer anything other than >new< Audi parts.
Problem with a brake caliper...no problem, let's put in a new one...cost of
caliper = $700.
Charge list price for parts?  You wish.  This dealer charges list >plus<
20%.  But they don't tell you that.
Leaking hydraulic pump?  "No, rebuild kits are not available.  Sorry."
They do offer free coffee though.
This dealer's name is >not< Byers, BTW.  I have only limited experience
with them and they are under new management, so I can't comment on them

Off topic, but...it amazes me the number of folks who willing agree to a
screwing by the dealer service dept. then try to sell an older car for more
than it's worth, explaining they need to get back the money they just sank
in to it...having paid Audi dealer for new tires, battery, etc, etc, etc.
Sorry about that!

End of rant.

There are some >very good< independent garages in this area BTW.  

Dave Conner
Columbus, OH