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Re: Radio removal?

Ron Frazier wrote:

> I need to remove my radio in my 1993 100cs to spray the potentiometer to see
> if I can get the static out of the volume control.  I vaguely remember 2
> brass hooks that go in each side of the radio to pull it out.  I can't find
> them in either of my cars.  So, how do I get this radio out. The Bently does
> seem to address this.
> Thanks,

Make your own. I used drill bits to find the exact size of the holes, and then
went to a local hardware store and bought a piece of brass rod stock the same
size. Make a U shape that's about seven inches long times two, and you've got
your tools.
Some may recommend coat hangers, but if you use too thin of a hanger wire, it
won't work. BTDT.

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