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Re: Fun with the V6 ISV (or "Honey, you said this would only take 30min")

Todd Young wrote:

> I've had mine off too, but I did a lot less work. For removing the nuts that hold
> the ISV on, I think I used a {deepwell socket-ujoint-extension-3/8"drive rachet}

It really wasn't all that much work. It's just that it looks like it should
just come right out, when in fact there are a number of bits and pieces which
are just close enough that you've got to do a little rearranging...

> combination. I pulled the hoses and electrical connector off of the ISV and tried

Hoses? There were no hoses on my ISV...

> to wiggle it out, no luck. Under the ISV is an electrical connector that I didn't
> bother to analyze, I just disconnected it [and managed to break off one of the
> the electrical connector underneath the ISV; it's not for the ISV, "Team Door
> Handle" just decided to put it there to make life difficult.

That's the 3-pin temp. sensor in the coolant pipe which I mentioned... The
ISV's not going anywhere unless you undo this.

And yeah, I busted the clips on it too. It's very close to the exhaust
manifold down there, and gets really baked.

1993 90CS 70k miles