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Stoneguard Headlight Protector

Hi All:

Just an FYI for those that bought/have/don't have (I guess that covers
everybody) I called Griot's Garage for the film.  They carry 23mil
thick for $22 per 10x16" sheet.  I also contacted 3M (this is who I
thought manufactured the film) to see if there was a local, read less
expensive, source.  They however manufacture only the adhesive.  Stoneguard,
they said, actually manufactures the film.

Griot's, believe it or not, was the least expensive I could find. 
It is on back-order currently but for those interested in placing an
order the number is 800-345-5789.

No affiliations...

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 269K Miles