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RE: V8 5spd FS

> What's wrong with this picture:  $15,000 for a car with 153,000 miles.
> No car is worth that IMHO.
... I'd gladly pay $15,000 for a 300SL Gullwing with 153,000 miles ... if
anyone out there has one that they would like to sell for that price, please
call me ASAP!  If a 7 year old car with that mileage can't possibly be worth
15K, who in their right mind would expect to get even half that for one that
is 40 years old!  I wonder if there aren't more 300SL Gullwings in the US
then there are 1991 5-speed V8's ... :-)

IMHO, when someone wants to sell their car they should feel free to
establish whatever conditions they feel are reasonable for the sale.  If
noone is willing to buy it for that price then the sale won't happen.  I
don't see why people have to jump on someone who happens to feel that they
are offering their car for sale for what they believe to be a reasonable
price ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)