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Piston Slap?????

Hi Fellow Audinauts-

I'm posting this for a web impaired friend....He has an '85 5K turbo that is
in need of some diagnosis.  He says that the car runs strong, but is
experiencing some "piston slap" (his term not mine...) and wants to know if
the pistons are the wear item in this equation.  He needs to know if he
needs a new block or can overbore the block and install new pistons.  I
couldn't help him with this one, maybe you Audi cyber-gurus can.  Any/all
help will be greatly appreciated.  BTW you can forwards the responses to me
and I'll relay the info.


Raphael Avila				Product Engineer
riff77@pipeline.com			Hasbro Toy Group
					Cincinnati, OH.

		'90 944S2 Coupe Silver/Burgundy
		'90 Coupe Quattro 20V  Black/Black