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Re: Craig's O2 sensor

Normally I would agree, but an OXS is an OXS is an OXS... they're all
the same except for connectors and possibly threads... right?

John Larson wrote:
> Chris, as a professional, I wouldn't do it. Just because a spark plug will go in
> the hole, is it right for the application? You can use recycled oil too, or DOT 2
> brake fluid, coolant containing phosphates, and gyppo distributor rotors and
> caps, but why would you?
> You're driving cars that were pretty expensive when new, and probably represent a
> pretty substantial investment on your part. You belong to a pretty exclusive
> interest group on the 'net, and exhibit a measure of  interest and pride in your
> ride. It makes sense to me to use the utmost care for your investment. VAG and
> Bosch R&D worked together at no small expense to develop the fuel/ignition
> systems on these cars, and you and I have little or no knowledge of the fine
> subtleties of either system, nor of those of the Ford for which the sensor of
> which you speak was intended. I, personally and professionally, am sticking with
> the specified product until Bosch comes out with a substitute. They make some for
> the single wire system, and they'd probably make one for the multi wire system
> too, if they saw fit.
> John
> Autobahn01@aol.com wrote:
> > In a message dated 98-11-02 23:50:49 EST, jdlarson@ix.netcom.com writes:
> >
> > << We've been here before. Bosch lists no 3 wire universal sensor, although
> >  we've been getting a non-Bosch one from Worldpac at a pretty good price. >>
> >
> > It's just a matter of being a bit creative with Bosch's selection. They don't
> > list a universal 3 wire for the Vw/Audi line; but have your parts man browse
> > through some Ford listings. A nice 3 wire can be had for ~40$, clip the Ford
> > connector off, and presto, she's a universal. I can dig up an example Bosch
> > P/N if you don't have any luck.
> >
> > -Cheers
> > Chris Semple
> > '87 4000q
> >    '83 TQC
> >       '88 E150 Club

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT