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Re: O2 sensors

"Established fact"? By whom, and how? By what standards?
Are you aware, that in addition to 1 and 3 wire units, there are 2 and 4 wire
sensors. Did you know that some sensors are rated for 30K miles, some for 50K,
60K and 100K? Have you ever wondered why there are multiple numbers of 3 wire
sensors specified for various years and models of Audis? Wouldn't it have been
cheaper for Audi to specify a single design/part number? Without further
investigation, I would wager that each number specified corresponds with a
different emissions system, i.e., CIS, CIS-E, Motronic, etc.
I'm convinced, having worked on Lambda systems since 1976, that it's wise to
stick to the products specified for each application. And that's what I am
going to do, both on my own cars, and those of my customers.

Dave Confer wrote:

> John,
> I think it's an established fact that all these Bosch O2 sensors are
> basically the same.  The only real difference is 1 wire vs 3 wire...3 wire
> is heated.  The reason different sensors are spec'd for different cars is
> because the car's wiring connectors are different.  The universal sensor
> requires you to cut off the connectors from the old sensor and splice into
> the new one.  What Chris is suggesting is you can get an even better price
> by using a Ford sensor, cutting off the ford connectors, and then splicing
> it in.
> Dave Conner
> Columbus, OH