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controversial opinion

brandon sez:
So offer to cover Todd's costs to rework the harnesses, and treat him like
what he is:  An enthusiast like us, whose enthusiasm for Audis is such that
he's put his capital, time and career at stake in order to devote more time
to it.  I don't know what he thought he'd make on these things, but it
couldn't have been much to begin with, and I promise you he now wishes he'd
never heard of them.

        well said brandon.
 as one who has been self employed since '61 i've btdt many times.
frequently business people do more than what they know they are going to get
paid for...especially when it's a limited run production thing. and usually
it's because they love what they do. look at what he did right...theres more
to life than finding fault. the best life imho is in finding solutions.

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