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Re: My cool car

I offer my condolences regarding the neons but I understand the fun of all
of whatyou're doing. Not too long ago, my friend as drunk and decided to
paint everything under his hood blue. Everything, he just popped the hood
and sprayed. Do you have rear drums? If you do, paint em'. They look super
cool in a bright color.
And I'm 20 so I may still have bad taste but know fun when I see it.

>I don't have any questions or anything, but i'd just thought i'd give you
>an update on the 4000.  It is now about a week away from running.  We
>just got all the parts we need for it, including all the major gaskets
>and bearings.  I have also tinkered with some other things.  My car is
>far away from the new luxury cars, being an '84 and all, but I figured to
>go all out and make my car interesting.  I'm only 16, so why not.  I have
>already painted my brake discs yellow, and they look very good in between
>the stock rims.  I am also going to paint the accessories under the hood
>yellow.  e.g., the valve cover, oil pan, fan housing, etc.  I have gotten
>a 6-disc CD player and two 10-inch speakers for the truck.  And I have a
>very good amp.  But don't think I am going to make my car go "thump",
>because I have no cross-over, so I can't have the speakers loud or else I
>will blow my stock speakers in the car.  My dad bought me a neon license
>plate, and I am thinking about putting neon's underneath the car.  And
>the windows will be tinted very soon.  I know most of you will strongly
>disagree with what I am doing, but the way I see it is, I need to make
>the car look good. Now, to most of you, neon's and 10-inch speakers are
>stupid, but I'm only 16, and I think they look pretty neat.  Well, that's
>about it i guess.  Sorry for the wasted time, but I just think my car is
>going to look pretty good, and thought I'd share with you all.
>'84 Audi 4000