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Re: V8 5spd FS

Dave Aukerman wrote:
> Let's see, 1990's wauto's are going between $7-10k.  S4's are to be had
> around $18-20. And let's not forget the 20VT's that are coming in at
> $12-15.  Just can't get past the fact that the tranny alone in the V8 is
> worth that extra $8-12k.  Year before last the local Audi dealer was trying
> to sell a 90 V8Q auto for ~25, then it was 23, 22, 20. . .sat there for
> nearly a year before being taken to auction.  Salesman words keep ringing
> in my ears. . ."But sir, this car sold for X dollars new!"   Yeah, yeah. .
> .probably the same guy who told my brother that he would find him a S4
> wagon.
> Dave,

	First, I'll take all the "good S4s" you have for $18K-$20K because I
can sell them in the Northeast for much more!  Second, do you own an
Audi now or ever? Third, have you ever driven a V8 5-speed? Probably
not, or you wouldn't have written such a piece.

Currently, I have one, and I must say that they are by far, the fastest
of the big Audis ever made, period!  I have owned Quattros since 1984,
so I know what I am saying.  I would agree with you that the automatics
are dogs, but the manuals are a totally different car.  Please, go drive
one and then tell me their not worth the money people ask for them here
in the US.  I would love to be able to buy a S8 here in the US and would
love even more to put twin turbos on it, like they do in England.

Sorry for the rant!