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Re: Speeding Alert, Denver and the rest of us.....

>check the laws in Colorado.
>in most states, you can simply ignore a photo radar ticket when it shows up
>in the mail and there's not much the state can do to prosecute.

maybe not prosecute, but they can suspend your license or your registration
in a heartbeat........it's a privilege not a right

and, by the way, failure to appear for a summons could get a warrant out on

>I would also suggest that habitual speeder lose the front license plate,
>since this makes photo radar enforcement practically impossible.
>...and the ticket for a missing plate is usually cheaper (cost of fine,
>points on the license and insurance surcharges) than the ticket for a
>moving violation.

in alot of places, if you get pulled over for an equipment violation, it is
moving violation, and it can get you points/surcharge