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re: Eurolight harness saga, from the source

Todd Candey said:
> we will finish this product and fill these orders as
>soon as we possibly can and I won't ask for anything from anyone other
>than your patience and your continued support.
>Todd Candey
>Vortrag Motorsports Inc.

I think Todd has explained his situation as forthrightly and clearly as
possible. I have no reason to doubt that he'll do what's needed to satisfy.

There probably are a lot of puzzled onlookers, since (as far as I am aware)
Todd's headlight-harness customers did not express unhappiness or
impatience to anywhere near the degree that one might infer from the
well-meaning posts made by qlisters on his behalf. I'm sure most of his
customers will be reasonably accommodating, be it a matter of a few days or
bucks (well, I'll just speak for myself).

Phil R.

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