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Re: S4 For Sale -- Should I Consider?


Besides whatever the S cars website has to have you check out, check the
following (all of which were repaired under warranty):

*Sunroof, it should open up pretty quickly with no groaning and shouldn't get
stuck halfway. It'll be about $1500 to fix if something is wrong with the

*ALL the switch illumination, including seat heaters in the back seat. Also
check lighter socket in the back seat.

*Make sure that with all tires properly inflated, the car tracks straight and
true. Most S4s tend to pull right (I dunno why), but mine pulled left (I dunno

*Brake light. Mine started coming on every once in a while, then more often,
then with every speed bump and chuckhole. Then it was on full time.

I truly enjoy my car and if it wasn't for the runaround I get from the dealer
and/or AoA, I'd be 100% happy.

-Joe in SoFla
1992 S4, ~48K mi.